Drylyte Blister Free Socks – Mid Rise

Drylyte Blister Free Socks – Mid Rise


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This Product Features


  • So light at just 1 gram per sock!
  • Arch support & Y heel for an anatomical fit
  • The perfect anti blister mix of nylon & elastane
  • Smooth toe seam
  • One Size Fits Most:UNISEX 5-12+, WOMENS 6-14+


Sub4 DryLyte Blister Free Socks – Mid Rise Height

Sub4’s DryLyte range of athletic socks mould to your feet offering extreme comfort in all conditions. Why anti blister? Sub4’s unique combination of DryLyte yarns help your feet stay drier & reduce friction. When this happens the environment that causes blisters is minimised. Why no heel cushioning? This can sometimes conflict with what over engineered running shoes are designed to do. Creating a smooth foot will give you the best chance of a perfect fit with your shoe

Fitting Tip: Don’t stretch the sock over your feet – let them mould into the contours for a perfect fit.

“The most comfortable run sock you’ll ever wear”

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Fluoro, Black, Pink, White


One Size UNISEX 5-12+, WOMENS 6-14+

4 reviews for Drylyte Blister Free Socks – Mid Rise

  1. Aris

    Good quality for a low price and it is very comfy. Perfect socks for running!

  2. Warren Frey

    Most comfortable running socks I’ve had, Super dry and don’t leave my feet feeling hot and wet. Clocked up a few hunted k’s in them now and they have held up really well.

  3. Matt C

    I have run over 200 marathons and ultramarathons, and have worn almost every running sock under the sun. The Sub4 drylyte socks are my favourite, so far. They are extremely comfortable (especially in difficult areas, like the toe box) and keep my feet dry and blister free. They are very durable and hold well under tough conditions (I used them at the Western States 100 last year and they were perfect). They are a must for any runner serious about keeping their feet in good shape.

  4. Bree L

    Oh so silky! These are by far the best sports & endurance socks I’ve worn. Incredibly soft fabric, very breathable and they do not slip or bunch on the foot so there’s far less chance of developing painful blisters during extended exercise. Whilst on holidays recently I made the mistake of wearing some other socks for a hike and ended up with terrible blisters. I was in pain when walking and found that the Drylyte Blister Free Socks were the only socks I could wear and still comfortably move around in, so they are not just for avoiding blisters but also helpful when recovering from them! I have the pink ones and often receive compliments, they are such bright, fun colours! Highly recommend investing in these good quality socks!

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