How To Style a Puffer Vest That Looks Cool on Men

//How To Style a Puffer Vest That Looks Cool on Men

How to style a puffer vest? How can I rock my Cropped puffer vest? What should I wear underneath my puffer jacket? and many more. These are a few of the common questions we encounter every day from our loyal customers. To answer all of your questions, we have shared some of the most useful tips to help you rock your puffer vest without feeling a holiday parade float! Keep reading.

There are only a few selective clothing items that keep you warm during the winter months. But none can top off a puffer jacket. Also known as a down jacket, puffer jackets are one of the rarest of things. This bubble goose was a nineties fashion staple possessing real practical benefits. This season you can expect people to bring out their sporty style pretty much everywhere. Puffer jackets are capable of locking in heat in even the coldest of conditions, making them the first choice of many polar explorers and mountaineers too. These padded wonders have stylish looks on their side as well, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by designers, models, and celebrities. From Balenciaga to Raf Simons, every designer has marched puffers down to their runways. As a result, many fashion fanatics are making puffer jackets a must-have in their closets.

Not everyone possesses the bank balance to spend over thousands on a branded puffer (as opposed to our puffer jackets at $125.00), but you can still manage to get in on the action. To pull off this trend, all you require are some extra skills.


Here are three ways to rock your puffer jackets.

1) Be a Mountain Man

From planning a Himalayan expedition to merely going for a stroll at your local Christmas market, pairing a puffer jacket with other mountain-ready garments is one of the best ways to ensure you are wrapped up properly against the icy cold weather. Match a thick, heavy-duty puffer jacket with a flannel shirt and a T-shirt or roll neck on top, along with some denim or cargo trousers on the bottom. In terms of footwear, wear a pair of premium hikers or work boots. Finish your look with a running beanie to keep your head warm.


2) Choose Urban Casual

Puffer jackets are pretty much well adapted to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. However, that doesn’t mean they should be limited to mountain expeditions. You can also rock one of these while going around the town. These padded wonders can be a great clothing addition if you hail from the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere. A lightweight puffer can keep you warm and suitably stylish. Go for a smarter, hoodless puffer jacket in a neutral shade, like black, grey, or mixed. Opting for a simple colour and a lightweight style will ensure you get the maximum cost per wear value. Next, wear a knitted roll neck underneath. Finish things off with some wool trousers and a pair of quality leather sneakers.


3) Get On The Street

Streetwear is the spiritual home of the puffer jacket. Created in the 1930s, only to blow up as a fashion item in the 1990s, puffer jackets were majorly adopted by rap royalty in US cities like New York and Chicago. Ever since the 1990s, puffer vests have been essential streetwear. Especially when many renowned designers are regularly hitting up the North face to use them in the fresh takes. When it comes to street fashion, go as loud as you want with this bubble goose. Try wearing a statement puffer vest in either a bold colour or pattern with some jersey joggers and sneakers. You can also try to blend a few bold colours and patterns. If the temperature starts to hit the rock bottom, you could layer them up with a hoodie and finish with a beanie on top of your head.

Puffer jackets are not only stylish, but they are also ideal for keeping you warm throughout winter. So, if you were to beat the cold weather in style this season, look no further than our men’s down puffer vests. Our Duck Down Puffer Vest consists of a removable hood and has blended insulation offering instant heat in all conditions. Being easily packable and lightweight, we offer you one of the best men’s puffer vest in Australia. Want a customised one? We got you covered with that too!

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