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Don’t let the winter chills stop you from enjoying the great outdoors!  The clothing you wear makes a big difference to your experience and time spent outside in Winter.  The secret to success is simple – layering. Think about thin layers that can be unzipped, or even removed during your training.

Layering can be broken down into 3 categories – the base layer, the mid layer and the outer shell

  1. Base Layer. It is really important your base layer is breathable – this will help keep you warm as well as wick sweat away from your body.  Whether running or riding, the Sub4 undershirt will keep you warm and dry with its moisture wicking properties.
  1. Mid Layer. T-shirt / jersey choice depends on the conditions.  For example, if running in extreme cold you may like to opt for a long sleeve t-shirt rather than a short sleeved one.  Or if cycling, a long sleeve jersey over a short sleeve jersey.
  1. Outer Shell.  You can’t beat a thin waterproof jacket.  On cooler days, you can easily start your session wearing a waterproof jacket, and if it gets too hot, simply take it off.  Waterproof jackets also fold up nice and small so you can always carry it in your pocket.

The key to staying warm in Winter is also looking after your extremities.  A lot of body heat is lost through your head, so wear a beanie or headband to help prevent heat loss.

Protect your hands and feet too, with good quality thermal gloves and booties/shoe covers if you are on the bike.

By following these tips, you’re more likely to enjoy the great outdoors over Winter.  Happy training!

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